Three-Layer Stereo Weatherproof Foamed Thermal Insulation Pipe
Flaring processThere are two kinds of enlargement sizes, the first is suitable for refrigerant (R22,...





Using radiation cross-linking gasket, the gasket achieves certain heat resistance and can be bonded with weather-resistant film, embossing and setting in the process of bonding. The stereo diaphragm of the two-layer body is produced, and the stereo diaphragm of the two-layer body is then extruded and bonded with the foaming tube. A three-layer composite pipe is produced. The three-layer stereo foam tube has heat resistance and anti-ultraviolet function. It is drawn and stretched to prepare ultraviolet-resistant thin-face roll material, radiation cross-linking to prepare temperature-resistant substrate, compound embossing and setting process to produce two-layer stereo weather-resistant film, then extrude and bond the foam tube, set and finish, and produce three-layer stereo weather-resistant foam insulation. Tube.



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