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Date: 2019-05-24
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Flame retardant:

A lot of experiments have been carried out to remove the wick effect of fire hazards: the product is sprayed directly with a gun, and the burning stops immediately after the open fire leaves.


On the basis of foaming ratio, we can further provide the electron microscopic picture of the customer's cell, and understand the stability of the product in detail.


Heat resistance is the most basic technical condition of products in thermal insulation environment. Through a large number of experiments, the most stable materials and formulations were selected, which fundamentally improved the heat resistance of the product, and the highest stable temperature was 120 C.

Foaming products are easy to soften and change after high temperature baking. Our modified products can shrink up to 20% by baking continuously at 120 C for 48 hours under simulated limit conditions. The product does not collapse and has stable shape. The shrinkage rate is less than 2% when the copper pipe is normally coated, and the copper pipe is not sticky.

Weather resistance:

According to the geographical environment where the products are exported, simulate the working environment of the products, including and unlimited day and night temperature change test, ultraviolet aging test, waterproof test. Further adjustment of materials to optimize product performance.


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