Pipeline company will speed up the construction of north section of natural gas pipeline of China-Ru

Date: 2019-03-28
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On March 9, the Joint Party and Labour Committee of China-Russia Eastern Natural Gas Pipeline Project Construction of Pipeline Company issued a mobilization order to the participating units of the project, mobilizing all the participants to speed up the construction of the northern section of the East China-Russia Line in an all-round way. 'Russian pipeline will be formally intake on October 1, and the northern section of the East China-Russia Line will formally receive Russia on December 1.' Qi. Accordingly, the northern section of the East China-Russia Line must be completed ahead of schedule.

Up to now, the northern section of the East Sino-Russian Line has completed the large-scale pipeline automatic welding operation, and the construction progress of the station, valve room, three-through and other projects has been accelerated in an all-round way. The mobilization order requires all participants to increase investment in resources such as units and technical forces, rationally arrange construction work plans, establish an effective reward and punishment mechanism, actively carry out technical competitions and competitions, and ensure the high quality and efficient completion of all joint operations by the end of April. At the same time, it is clear that the station construction should be planned, entered and constructed early. All departments and professionals should reasonably arrange professional processes and processes, cooperate fully to ensure the construction quality. It is required to speed up the construction of the three-piercing project in an all-round way. We will intensify the work of foreign cooperation, strengthen the management of technology and personnel, and make rational use of effective resources. It is necessary to strengthen the analysis, research and judgment of the three-piercing and other controlled projects, strengthen management supervision and supervision and coordination, and ensure that the quality and progress of individual projects are controlled. (Correspondent Ding Jiayi)

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